Are you looking for effective ways of watering plants in your garden? Achieve measurable success in the garden by installing and maintaining an effective irrigation system. Irrigation systems are used to ensure uniform and effective watering of plants. We are the best irrigation company across Gauteng and neighbouring area to service all your new irrigation system installation, existing irrigation repairs, irrigation upgrade and irrigation maintenance needs.

There are various types of irrigation systems that can be applied for your home or corporate garden. These include garden irrigation sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and flash irrigation methods. What influences the choice of an irrigation system that is suitable for your needs is the consideration of many factors including: the irrigation water source, water hydraulics, plant type, soil type, topography and many others considerations like client’s budget.

An effective irrigation system design achieves full and uniform water coverage by applying advanced irrigation techniques and smart irrigation equipment. Good irrigation systems are mounted with technologically advanced equipment that is designed to prevent water wastage and to last long without the need for major repairs. In this regard we use products from industry leaders like Rainbird, Hunter, Irritol, Toro, Nelson and Weathermatic.

One way to continue reaping the benefits of an efficient garden irrigation system is to make sure that your irrigation system has a good maintenance schedule. Even good irrigation systems can at times lose their performance capacity due to leaks in the irrigation pipe , blockage in the irrigation system and also from worn-out equipment.

Operating an irrigation system can be done manually or by applying irrigation controllers that makes the irrigation system automatic. A manual irrigation system is less expensive to install and maintain compared to an automated irrigation system. A manual system requires someone to be physically present on site to manually open and close the irrigation system whenever the system has to run. This exercise can be cumbersome at times making it easy to skip scheduled watering plans.

Our manual irrigation systems can easily be upgraded to automatic at any time. However, an automatic irrigation system is more cost effective in the long run as it prevents overwatering. Also because automated irrigation systems allows remote management of the system, clients will never miss the watering schedule designed for their plants.