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Success is reliable garden irrigation methods 

There are various types of irrigation systems that can be applied in your home or corporate garden. These include garden irrigation sprinklers, drip irrigation systems and flash irrigation methods. As your trusted landscape irrigation specialist in Gauteng we offer garden irrigation solutions that fit your requirements. A good irrigation choice is influenced by water hydraulics, water source, plant type, topography, soil type and many other considerations including client’s own budget. We save you money through affordable and effective garden irrigation practices.

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Garden irrigation sprinklers 

We specialise in garden irrigation sprinklers  and borehole systems. We are inspired by your love for beautiful gardens. As such we conduct our landscaping business with an unmatched professionalism. The beauty of your garden is our priority. Our irrigation systems eliminate dry spots and water wastage. We remain the trusted garden irrigation partner for home owners and property administrators around Gauteng. We support GREEN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS→

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