Upgrade for system effeciency

When an irrigation system is not giving the desired results either because of outdated equipment or other reason When operating an irrigation system require more time and effort, where it could be convenient and tech-wise. There is no need to worry. We are here to help garden lovers to get the convinience and results they want from their garden irrigation systems.

At Clevia we upgrde your manual irrigation system to an automatic irrigation. There are various options available to automate an irrigation system. These range from electric, solar and battery equipment that are affordable and easy to operate. Our garden irrigation upgrade services is conducted using only reliable products. We give product support which includes anytime remote product support.

We offer garden irrigation upgrades in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.  An irrigation system that uses advanced technology is the best option for convenience and affordability. This is because intelligent irrigation only uses sufficient water when and where it is needed. This makes it possible to eliminate dry spots in the gardens without the risk of overwatering plants.

Intelligent irrigation includes rain sensors, wifi irrigation and fault detection technology. The option to use wifi irrigation equipment allows irrigation systems to be managed remotely. 




Garden Irrigation Upgrades Johannesburg

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