How to Install Efficient & Affordable Irrigation Systems Johannesburg 

A new irrigation system installed by your trusted irrigation man based in Johannesburg, is the most efficient lawn watering solution in Gauteng. We specialise in all types of garden irrigation methods including micro irrigation, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. New installations can be manual irrigation or automatic irrigation depending on your own requirements. 


Your new irrigation is designed for efficiency and affordability. Our clients always benefit from a pricing system that is very affordable and that is designed to meet each client’s budget and their unique requirements. 



System efficiency is achieved through applying the correct irrigation installation procedures. We implement intelligent irrigation techniques, like positioning each piece strategically to achieve head-to-head irrigation coverage. We analyze your hydraulics, your soil texture, the design of your landscape and other considerations to ensure that we present the best irrigation design to meet your needs. 



Clevia Green Irrigations only use reliable irrigation products from reputable brands including Rain bird, Hunter, Toro and Weathermatic. Because of this our new sprinklers are durable and guaranteed. Our working procedures demands that our people should take care to preserve the beauty of your homes. We are very neat and precise with our digging to ensure that the landscape is not disturbed and to ensure that beauty returns quickly.


Careful digging and irrigation installation

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