Clevia Green Irrigations is the trusted specialist in garden irrigation systems services in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We also offer other garden services and borehole pump services. Our daily work includes:

Garden irrigation services

Professional garden irrigation systems installation Johannesburg. Garden irrigation pipe. Irrigation systems



Garden Irrigation system Johannesburg. Irrigation Upgrade. Manual irrigation. Automatic irrigation. Irrigation controller


Garden Irrigation system repairs around Gauteng. Irrigation repair. Leaking irrigation pipe. Lawn sprinklers specialist.

Borehole pumps & rain harvesting

We provide Gauteng with reliable borehole pump installation, pump repairs and borehole maintenance services. We also install rain harvesting equipment, pressure booster pumps and Jojo tanks. Furthermore, we help our clients save through grey water repurposing. Grey water is purified and applied to garden watering and or other client’s household requirements like flushing toilets or to super charge the ground water level.

Garden Irrigation services and borehole pump maintenance


Garden Services Provider Johannesburg

We remain the trusted garden services provider in Johannesburg. Homeowners choose us because we care for the beauty of your homes. Because of the trust you have in our services, we are inspired to always give our best touch to create elegant and nourishing environments.

Our gardening services include: landscaping design, Lawn mowing, mulching, weed removal, lawn aeration, lawn installation and tree felling. We also follow working procedures that are unique and suitable for every particular irrigation system requirement.

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