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Clevia Green Irrigations cc is a landscaping company that is based at Johannesburg, Gauteng. We support the growth of your plants through affordable and effective garden irrigation systems solutions. Our specialisation is in garden irrigation systems, borehole pumps and other gardening services.

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We mechanically apply water resources to support your gardening effort. We apply a variety of garden irrigation techniques and methods including garden sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Our approach is to save money through quality irrigation services and irrigation products. Our clients have confidence in our professional team of garden irrigation, landscaping, borehole systems and gardening professionals.

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Professional garden irrigation systems services

We listen to every requirement and offer garden irrigation system services that are consistently professional. As a result we are trusted by homeowners and property administrators across Gauteng. We include our clients by listening to their garden irrigation system requirements. This allows us to render garden irrigation system services that are consistently professional. As a result our clients affords us the trust and support that befits Gauteng’s number one garden irrigation company.

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Champion of affordable and effective garden irrigation systems Johannesburg

Our garden irrigation systems service to you does not end when the initial instructions are executed. We continue to render affordable and effective services to clients through discounts and long guarantees. We also offer existing clients unlimited telephonic and video chat product support. This we achieve by utilising technology that allows remote garden irrigation system technical support and Diy guidance. This is in line with our promise for affordable and effective irrigation in Gauteng. 

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Prospective clients and other garden lovers are not left out. We have introduced an open Facebook community where members can connect and interact in matters related to Gardening, Irrigation and Pools. Our community members can teach, explore, learn, showcase or make recommendations to the CLEVIA GREEN COMMUNITY.

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